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Founder, Gail Lockard began her coaching career in 1996. However, from the day she graduated high school in 1983 she knew that working with kids and coaching dance was her destiny. Over the last 25 years, the cost of doing dance and other forms of art have been a roadblock for too many kids.  Their passion and talent are too often overshadowed by the inability to pay for enrichment and training opportunities.


Three amazing individuals are the inspiration for PASSAGES Arts Project. Gail's brother Kevin Rigdon, dear friend, previous dance team member and talented artist, Michelle Rizzo Hansen and sister-in-law Kristin Lockard who loved to write, draw, paint and generally create anything she could to bring joy and love to others.  Each of them enjoyed the arts; writing, painting, singing, acting, music and dance.  Kevin, Michelle and Kristin pursued their craft with dedication and passion until their lives were cut far too short.  

The heartfelt and lasting impression they left on everyone who knew them needed to be immortalized and their memory carried on to future generations.  When you combine the inspiration of Kevin, Michelle and Kristin with the financial needs of youth in our community, the answer was obvious - create PASSAGES Arts Project.  

PASSAGES will provide funding resources and enrichment opportunities for local youth who desire to pursue the arts, both visual and performing, as a career or to enrich their lives. 

Funding will be achieved through fundraisers, donations, partnering with local organizations, low-cost fees for outreach programs and grants.

Supporting PASSAGES Arts Project is as simple as clicking on the Donate button above or contacting us for a partnering or educational opportunity.

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Kevin Rigdon
Michelle Rizzo Hansen
Kristin Lockard

The object of art is to give life shape.

William Shakespeare

Our Mission

To be a resource, supporting and funding quality arts education & instruction for the youth in our community who have the desire to pursue it.

Our Vision

PASSAGES will provide funding resources for local youth who desire to pursue the arts, both visual and performing, as a career or to enrich their lives.  


PASSAGES seeks to provide enrichment opportunities to help youth in our community find their spark for both visual and performing arts!

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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