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Dancer➡️Coach➡️Dance Mom

Life is always changing and surprising us. As much as I loved being a dancer and a coach, I think the most recent phase I am experiencing as a dance mom just might be my favorite.

I started dancing early in my childhood and continued throughout recreationally. When I made my high school dance team my love for dance flourished. The team work and the bonds made shaped who I am today and the friendships I have mean the world to me. I was a captain 2 years in a row and I think that is where my desire to be a coach came from. I liked being in a leadership role and felt like I had something positive to contribute to the coaching world.

I coached a middle school dance team for 2 years and high school for 13. My daughter was born in 2014 and right away was an honorary team member and tagged along to practice daily. From the time she could walk she was dancing and twirling with the dance team members. She looked up to the “big girls” and they were always so good to her. I suppose that is where her love for dance began. She started dance class when she was 2 ½ at

Dance Vision Studio in Oregon City.

7 years later as a dance mom, I still feel like my journey has just begun. I do

feel like I have a unique perspective that helps me understand the process it

takes to build a competition routine and to help my daughter understand it's not

about the individual dancer, but what is best for the team.

My daughter recently leveled up to the next ballet class and was being pushed at a new level she was not used to. Her new instructor kept telling the class, “Give more, push yourselves harder," she was frustrated feeling like she already was. I assured her that is something dance teachers say because sometimes even when you think you are giving it your all you can dig down deep and give 5% more. That 5% is what helps you grow your skill set and makes you a better dancer. I am a dance mom but I still feel like a coach inside when I am helping my daughter, giving her my pep talks, but I have a new softer side to add to them.

It’s about the journey and longevity of her dancing that I care most about. I want her to have fun and not get burned out at a young age. I am confident that she is at the best possible studio around and my background has helped me make those decisions for her. I love

watching her on stage and she is 10x the dancer I ever was. It is so fun to be a

part of her journey and to watch her passion flourish.

Thank you to Passages for helping her dreams become a reality. They say it takes a village and I am so thankful that Passages Arts Project is part of my village!

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