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It's Finally Here!!!

I can’t believe the day is actually here! The project I started in 2019, which was delayed by Covid and the sudden loss of my brother, has finally come to fruition!

I began the Passages Arts Project after the loss of my sister-in-law Kristin Lockard and my dear friend Michelle Rizzo Hansen. I wanted to do something to honor their legacy and their love of music, dance, painting and more. After many years of coaching dance and realizing how many of our youth were not able to access dance and other arts education because they did not have the financial or family resources to do so, I thought what better way to honor them than helping others pursue the same things they loved so much.

Fast forward to 2020, Covid was just ramping up, when at the same time we learned my brother, Kevin Rigdon, had cancer. He was diagnosed in June 2020 and lost his battle with cancer August 4th, just six short weeks after his diagnosis. My brother was also creative and loved all things related to the arts including gaming. Gaming combines creative writing, painting and storytelling… so Kevin was added to Passages’ purpose. In all of this loss, it was time to find the light.

Passages has already had the opportunity to partner with local community groups and businesses to raise funds and has had the opportunity to help a few of our youth already. Now it is time to scale it up!

We need your help to spread the word!

Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on everything we are doing!

For updates, opportunities, events and news regarding Passages, please join our mailing list at

Join us and watch us grow!!

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